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Amazon Detective

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Amazon Detective Definition

Amazon Detective simplifies the process of analyzing and investigating the main reason for potential security problems. It identifies suspicious activities very quickly. Amazon detective gathers data from AWS resources of customers and creates a standard set of data using machine learning, graph theory, and statistical analysis. It makes it possible to perform quick and adequate security inspections. Amazon Detective creates a combined, connected view of customers’ resources, users, and interaction. It does this by examining multiple activities from various data sources, for example, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty. This service is of immense importance because it alerts you when there is some suspicious activity going on and tells you exactly how to fix it. Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon Mace are used to find any security problems, but there are instances where you have to find out the root cause. Amazon Detective makes it easy to find out the root cause.

Introducing Amazon Detective

What is AWS DETECTIVE and How it Works?

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