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Amazon DocumentDB

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Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a quick, highly scalable, always available, and wholly controlled document database service. It gives support to the workloads of MongoDB. With Amazon DocumentDB, it is effortless to store and index JSON data. Amazon DocumentDB is a database service that is created from the ground-up. Its primary purpose is to provide you with the accessibility and performance you require while running and handling mission-critical MongoDB workloads. In Amazon DocumentDB, we can disconnect storage and compute to allow each to go over independently. You can add low latency replicas in minutes and increase the read capacity. It is irrespective of the size your data has. With Amazon DocumentDB, tasks related to database management are easy. Tasks such as hardware provisioning, setup, backups, or patching are made easy as Amazon DocumentDB continuously backs up and checks your cloud database to Amazon S3, making recovery possible. Amazon DocumentDB allows both storage and computes to scale separately by separating them.#

Introduction to Amazon DocumentDB With MongoDB

Comparing Amazon DocumentDB and MongoDB

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