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Amazon DynamoDB

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Amazon DynamoDB Definition

Amazon DynamoDB is a highly significant document database that gives us single-digit presentations that it will provide at any scale. It is a completely managed, long-lasting, and multi-region database with fitted security and restoration. It will provide built-in backup. In addition to providing all the above, it will also provide in-memory caching. DynamoDB can manage more than 10 trillion requests in a single day.

For example, the World’s largest businesses, Airbnb, and some enterprises like Samsung and Toyota also rely on the scale and presentation of DynamoDB to minimize their workloads. Many AWS customers have selected DynamoDB as their primary document database. These customers use it for their mobile, web, or gaming, and other applications. Customers need to make a new table for their application, and then DynamoDB will do its work. You can use it without a server, and no software is needed to install it. Similarly, there is no need for any software to maintain or operate it.

What is Amazon DynamoDB?

Amazon Web Services – DynamoDB

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