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Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client

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Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client Definition

Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client is a kind of a complete software library that enables us to protect our table data even before sending it to Amazon DynamoDB. Whether the data is in transit or at rest, encryption guarantees that our data is out of reach of the third party. That third party may also be AWS. Amazon offers no charges to the client of DynamoDB encryption under the license of Apache 2.

The developer guide will give you information about its architecture introduction. It also provides details about which method it uses to save the table data of DynamoDB and explains how it is different from DynamoDB server-side encryption. The developer guide will also provide you with a complete guideline for selecting essential parts for your application.

DynamoDB encryption client is straightforward to use. Its methods are formed in such a way that it can work with our existing DynamoDB applications.

What is the Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client?

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