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Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

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Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Definition

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling makes it possible for us to continue the availability of applications. We can define our terms and conditions according to which Amazon EC2 Auto-Scaling allows us to remove or add EC2 instances. There are the features of Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling called fleet management. We can use these features of EC2 autoscaling for the sake of maintaining the health of our fleet. For adding or removing EC2 instances, we can use predictive features of EC2 Auto Scaling. In addition to predictive features, it also possesses dynamic scaling features. Both have their function. Predictive scaling arranges the exact figure of EC2 instances depending on forecasted demand. Dynamic scaling and predictive scaling make it possible to scale faster when used together.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling has improved fault tolerance. When it detects an unhealthy instance, it removes and replaces it with an instance. It also makes it possible that our application has the correct quantity of computing.

What is Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling?

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