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BSTUN – Block Serial Tunnel

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Looking for Definition of BSTUN or what BSTUN stands for?

It refers to the routers transported Bisync blocks in the BSTUN encapsulation mode between the two units. But BSTUN is implemented in an isolated tunnel using the same encapsulation architecture as STUN. Bisync supports Bisync multi-drop, point-to-point, and simulated multi-drop configurations.

  • Facilities for BSTUN via Frame Relay tunnel structures without using TCP / IP encapsulation.
  • Supports without alteration Bisync computers and host programs.
  • Uses standard serial synchro interfaces on series Cisco 2500 and the Cisco 4500 series 4 T Network Interface Module (NIM).

Supports multi-drop, point-to-point, and multi-drop multi-virtual setup.

BSTUN acronym – Block Serial Tunnel
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