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Cisco BIDI – bidirectional bus

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The address bus is unidirectional since the microprocessor handles a particular memory location. No external modules can write to the microprocessor. The data bus is bidirectional, so the microprocessor can read memory data or write memory data. The control bus is usually unidirectional. It is possible to write Chinese characters in any direction or vertically (top to bottom, then right to left), especially in signs (such as plaques). Still, the orientation of each character is never altered. This can also be seen in China on tour buses, where the business name usually extends from the front of the vehicle to its back, that is, on the right side of the bus from right to left and the left side of the bus from left to right. In reverse order, English texts on the right side of the car are still very frequently written.

Cisco BIDI- bidirectional bus
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