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Cisco DFC – dial feature card

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Looking for Definition of Cisco DFC or what Cisco DFC stands for?

The dial-only DFC doesn’t provide no voice or fax facilities. When you configure your universal voice gateway for fax services, unexpected results will occur if the dial-only DFC is mounted within the chassis.

For the Cisco AS5350XM and Cisco AS5400XM universal gateways, two distinct types of digital signal processor (DSP) DFCs are available.

The latest universal port DFC is unchanged and provides speech, fax, and dial facilities. Universal port DFC. The new dial-only DFC accepts 60 (DL-60) to 108 (DL-108) dial calls on the universal gateway of the Cisco AS5350XM and Cisco AS5400XM. Voice or fax facilities are not provided by it.

Cisco DFC acronym – dial feature card
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