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DECnet – Digital Equipment Corporation network

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DECnet is a suite produced by the Digital Equipment Corporation of network protocols. Initially launched in 1975, it developed into one of the first peer-to-peer network architectures to connect two PDP-11 minicomputers, transforming DEC into a powerhouse for networking in the 1980s. Initially created with three layers, it later grew into an OSI-compliant networking protocol with seven layers (1982).

From its inception, DECnet has been integrated into the DEC VMS flagship operating system. Digital later ported it to Ultrix and Apple Macintosh and IBM PC operating DOS and Microsoft Windows versions under DEC Pathworks, enabling these systems to be attached as terminal nodes to DECnet networks of VAX machines. Although DECnet protocols were designed entirely by Digital Equipment Corporation, Phase II (and later) of DECnet protocols were open standards with published specifications, and many implementations, including those for FreeBSD and Linux, were developed outside of DEC.

DECnet acronym – Digital Equipment Corporation network
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