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DLC – Data-link control

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Looking for Definition of DLC or what DLC stands for?

Data Link Control (DLC) in the OSI networking model is the data link layer’s functionality. Network interface cards have a DLC address that recognizes each card; Ethernet and other types of cards, for example, have a 48-bit MAC address incorporated into the firmware of the cards as they are made.

A network protocol with the name Data Link Control still exists. It is similar to protocols like TCP / IP or AppleTalk that are best known. IBM SNA mainframe computers and peripherals and compatible equipment use DLC as a transport protocol. It is usually used in computer networking to connect with network-attached printers, computers, and servers, e.g., HP on their JetDirect print servers. Since it was used heavily before Windows 2000, Windows XP versions onwards do not have DLC support.

DLC acronym – Data-link control

For more details on the full form of DLC – Data-link control click here Wikipedia.

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