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DLUS – dependent logical unit server

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The logical unit server (DLUS) is at the primary end of the pipe. There is a DLUR at the end of the secondary shaft. The DLUS and DLUR enable the activation and deactivation within the APPN network of dependent physical units (PUs) and logical units (LUs). The pipe comprises a pair of conversations with LU 6.2, where two APPC applications (DLUR and DLUS) share SNA SSCP based flows. In a general data stream (GDS) variable, the flows are encapsulated and sent to LU 6.2 logical records. The CP-SVR pipe is considered the pair of conversations that are used to relay encapsulated SNA.

DLUS acronym – dependent logical unit server

For more details on the full form of DLUS – dependent logical unit server click here Wikipedia.

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