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DNIS – dialed number identification service

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Looking for Definition of DNIS – dialed number identification service or what DNIS stands for?

The DNIS is a service that telecommunication providers sell to corporate customers and recognizes the telephone number initially dialed as an incoming call. The customer may use these details for calling routing or activating specific call handling to internal destinations.

The telecommunications company usually transmits four to ten digits to DNIS service during the call setup.

The DNIS service also offers a direct inward dial (DID).

For instance, for each product line that it offers or for multi-lingual customer service, an organization can even have a separate free telephone number. In case a call center takes requests for many product lines, it analyzes the DNIS and may include an acceptable registered salute by the telephone device accepting the call. DNIS is used as routing information for interactive voice response (IVR) systems to define which script or service should be activated.

DNIS acronym – dialed number identification service

For more details on the Full form of DNIS – dialed number identification service click here.

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