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DRiP- Duplicate Ring Protocol

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Looking for Definition of DRiP- Duplicate Ring Protocol or what DRiP stands for?

Cisco has developed a proprietary protocol to minimize the influence of duplicate ring numbers within a switched network. The Multicast Address 01-00-0c-CC-cc sends advertisements to its neighbors with the duplicate ring protocol (DRiP), advertising only the source device for VLAN information. DRiP advertisements occur by default every 30 seconds, or every time a significant change in a network configuration is registered. DRiP ads are limited to VLAN 1, VLAN’s default, only via ISL connections. The Catalyst receiver then compares the details to its local structure. The local unit rejects the setup when a user wants to produce a Token Ring VLAN already present on another catalyst.

DRiP acronym – Duplicate Ring Protocol

For more details on the full form of DRiP – Duplicate Ring Protocol click here.

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