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DRQ – Direct memory access Receive Queue

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Looking for Definition of DRQ – Direct memory access Receive Queue or what DRQ stands for?

With no DMA, the CPU operates typically for the entire length of the read or write process while scheduled input/output is used. With DMA, the CPU initiates the transmission before executing other operations when the transition is underway. Eventually, it receives an interrupt from the DMA controller (DMAC) when the process is complete. This function is often helpful if the CPU is not up to the data transfer rate or if the CPU wants to carry out work while waiting for a relatively slow transfer of I / O-data. Various hardware systems use DMA, such as drive controllers, graphics cards, sound cards, and network cards. DMA is also used in multi-core processors for the conversion of intra-chip data. Computers with DMA channels can transfer data from and to machines with much lower overhead than DMA channel computers.

DRQ acronym – Direct memory access Receive Queue

For more details on the Full form of DRQ – Direct memory access Receive Queue click here.

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