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DSIP – Dial Shelf Interconnect Protocol

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Looking for Definition of DSIP – Dial Shelf Interconnect Protocol or what DSIP stands for?

The router shelf connects with the dial panel via:

  • Cable for Fast Ethernet link
  • The Protocol on the Dialog Shelf (DSIP)

Refer to the text Dial and Device Management Commands for the Cisco AS5800 for the DSIP command guide and other device administrative functions.

In the following lists, verify that the relation between the router shelf and the dial shelf is formed to understand how a DSIP operates. The Cisco 7206 is positioned at 2/2/0 on the DSI-Fast Ethernet port. Note that the command dsi view varies from the command dsip show.

DSIP acronym – Dial Shelf Interconnect Protocol

For more details on the full form of DSIP – Dial Shelf Interconnect Protocol click here.

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