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DSP – Digital signal processor

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Looking for Definition of DSP – Digital signal processor or what DSP stands for?

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a microprocessor chip with an architecture designed for digital signal processing operational requirements. On MOS integrated circuit chips, DSPs are manufactured. They are used extensively in the processing of audio signaling, telecommunications, digital image processing, radar, sound systems, and widespread consumer electronic equipment such as cell telephones, disk drives, or HDTV devices.

A DSP typically aims at calculating, filtering, or compressing continuous analog signals in the physical world. Most general microprocessors can also effectively run digital signal processing algorithms, but they cannot be consistently managed in real time. In comparison, dedicated DSPs are also more efficient and are more suited for handheld devices such as mobiles due to power usage limitations. Particular memory architectures are also used with DSPs.

DSP acronym – Digital signal processor

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