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DTP cisco – Dynamic Trunking Protocol

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Looking for Definition of Cisco DTP – Dynamic Trunking Protocol or what DTP stands for?

A proprietary network protocol developed by Cisco Systems to negotiate trunking over a connection between two VLAN-aware switches and the negotiation of trunking types is the Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP). It runs on the OSI model’s layer 2. DTP-composed VLAN trunks can be used for trunking protocols IEEE 802.1Q or Cisco ISL.

Do not confuse DTP with VTP because it serves multiple purposes. VTP shares knowledge about VLAN life between switches. DTP supports with trunk port configuration. No data frames that contain trunks are sent from any protocol.

DTP cisco acronym – Dynamic Trunking Protocol

For more details on the complete form of DTP – Dynamic Trunking Protocol click here.

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