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DVMRP – Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol

DTR – Data terminal ready

DTP cisco – Dynamic Trunking Protocol

DTE – Data terminal equipment

DSU – digital service unit

DSU – data service unit

DSR – data set ready

DSPU – downstream physical unit

DSPM – Digital signal processor module

DSPFARM – Digital signal processor farm

DSP – Digital signal processor

DSMP – Distributed Stream Media Processor

DSLAM – digital subscriber line ATM multiplexer

DSL – digital subscriber line

DSIP – Dial Shelf Interconnect Protocol

DSI – Dial shelf interface

DSI – dial shelf interconnect

DSCP – differentiated service code pointer

DSC- Dial shelf control

DRQ – Direct memory access Receive Queue

DRP – Director Response Protocol

DRiP- Duplicate Ring Protocol

DRDA – Distributed Relational Database Architecture

DRAM – Dynamic RAM

DR – dynamic replenishment

OSPF DR – Designated Router

DPRAM – dual-port RAM

DoS – Denial of service

DOI – Domain of interpretation

DOCSIS – Data-over-Cable Service Interface Specifications

DNS – Domain Name System

DNS – Domain Name Service

DNS – Domain Name Server

DNIS – dialed number identification service

DMAC – destination MAC

DMA – direct memory access

DM – disconnect mode

DM – dense-mode

DLUS – dependent logical unit server

DLUR – dependent logical unit requester

DLU – dynamic logical unit

DLU – destination logical unit

DLU – dependent logical unit

DLSw Cisco – data-link switching

dLFI – Distributed Link Fragmentation and Interleaving

DLCI – data-link connection identifier

DLC – Data-link control

DLC – data-link connection

DIB – Directory Information Base

DHCPv6 – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, version 6

DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Cisco DFP – Dynamic Feedback Protocol

Cisco DFC – dial feature card

DEMUX – demultiplexer

DECnet – Digital Equipment Corporation network

DDR: Dial-on-demand routing

Cisco dCEF – distributed Cisco Express Forwarding

DCE – data communications equipment

DCD – Data Carrier Detect

DC – direct current

DAE – data aggregator end

Cisco BUS – broadcast-and-unknown server

BTU – British Thermal Unit

BSTUN – Block Serial Tunnel

BSS – Business Support System

BSC – Binary Synchronous Communications

BRF – Bridge Relay Function

BRI- Basic Rate Interface

BPVC – Bridged Permanent Virtual Circuit

BPI – baseline privacy interface

BPDU – bridge protocol data unit

BOOTP- Bootstrap Protocol

BMA – Buffer Management ASIC

BIS – Broadband Interface Shelf

BIP – Bit Interleaved Parity

BIND – Berkeley Internet Name Domain

Cisco BIDI – bidirectional bus

Cisco BIC – Backplane Interface Card

BGPPA – Border Gateway Protocol Policy Accounting

BGP- Border Gateway Protocol

BFRP- big fast route processor

Cisco BFR- Bigger, Faster Router

BERT- bit error rate tester

Cisco BCS- Business-Critical Solution

BB- broadband

Cisco BAP- Bandwidth Allocation Protocol

AVL- Approved Vendor List

AutoRP – Auto-Rendezvous Point

AURP- AppleTalk Update-Based Routing Protocol

AToM – Any Transport over MPLS

ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATA acronym – Analog Telephone Adaptor

ATA- Advanced Technology Attachment

ASP- ATM switch processor

ASIC- application-specific integrated circuit

ASCU- agent-set control unit

AS- autonomous system

ARQ- automatic repeat request

ARP- Address Resolution Protocol

ARB- Adaptive Rate-Based

ARAP- AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol

APS- automatic protection switching

APPN- Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking

APPC- Advanced Program-to-Program Communications

APN- access point name

AP- authentication proxy

AP- Access Point

ANY-PHY- Any physical layer-data link layer

ANSI- American National Standards Institute

ANR- Automatic Network Routing Cisco

AMD- Advanced Micro Devices

ALPS- Airline Product Set Cisco

ALC- ATM line card Cisco

AIS- Alarm indication signal

AIP- ATM Interface Processor

AIM- Advanced Integration Module

AIM- Advanced Interface Module

AIC- Alarm Interface Controller

AH- Authentication Header

AFI- Address Family Identifier

ADSL- Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ACTPU- Activate Physical Unit

ACTLU- Activate Logical Unit

ACL- access control list

ACK- acknowledgment

ACIP- ATM Cable Interface Processor – Cisco

ACE- Allegro Crypto Engine – Cisco

AC- alternating current Cisco

ABR- Area Border Router

ABM- asynchronous balanced mode

AAL5- ATM adaptation layer 5

10GE- 10 Gigabit Ethernet

AAA- authentication, authorization, and accounting